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Day 2 of 90

Baltimore Serenades Pt. 1

The banner for today’s post (once again) is a picture of my hosts. Emily and David are dear friends of mine from morning services that I’ve been going to on Zoom during the pandemic. Wonderful, powerful, smart, creative people.

Today I woke up in my wonderful hosts’ house, did a little business, did a little practicing, and pushed off to play for their parents at their assisted living facility. Here are some documents of that:

Here is a picture of Emily and her parents, who I was sent to play for.

And here is a video of me turning the attention to Emily and her husband, David, who somebody else from synagogue sent me to play for!

You’ll also find me nearly getting shut down by the security. But my charms know no limits.

Here’s a picture David took of my truck on the highway.

Also there were cicadas everywhere.

After that David made me amazing grilled cheese with tomato, and despite my deep desire to take a nap at that point I signed online for an audition for a TV show. More about that if more happens about that. 😉

Then I napped for two hours, had an amazing shabes dinner, practiced a bunch, and wrote this blog post.

Tomorrow I have two more serenades, and then I’m off to DC for two more days of serenades there!


Serenade Openings

  • Washington DC
    • June 6th, 11a-12p
    • June 6th, 3-6p
    • June 7th, 11a-5p
  • Asheville
    • June 10th, 3 openings until 7 p.m.
  • Knoxville
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Jackson, MS
    • Times TBA - two openings
  • Austin, TX
    • Times TBA - one opening
  • Phoenix, Tucson
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Albuquerque
    • Times TBA - two openings
  • Las Vegas
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Los Angeles
    • Times TBA - Late June/early July
    • I’m gonna be here a couple weeks so: LOTS of openings!
  • LA to Seattle
    • The month of July! I’ll be stopping all up and down the coast. REACH OUT TODAY!
  • Denver/Boulder
    • Early August
  • Chicago
    • Mid-August
  • Pittsburgh
    • Late August
  • Philly
  • Florida
    • Late fall/winter/early spring 2021-2022!
    • Should be open to conventional gigs by then! Reach out Gainesville!! ❤️

Talk soon! ❤️

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