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Day 3 of 90

Baltimore Serenades Pt. 2

Today’s banner is of the porch jam from today, and three new friends

I tell you what. I woke up today feeling anxious as all get out.

As much as I’d love to not have to have an identity as a person with mental illness, it would be detrimental of me to ignore this experience.

Addendum: That’s all I had to say about that I guess.

12:41 p.m.

Beyonce – OTHERSIDE (with yiddish ending)

I ran off to do a serenade. It’s nice to be a trans jew playing for another trans jew. I wrote some yiddish lyrics to replace the lyrics at the end of OTHERSIDE and they were very well received.

Impromptu Jam

Next is a jam/serenade combo. I’m leading a couple tunes, but I’m mostly jamming.

If people don’t come, then I’ll have to pull more than my weight and that makes me very anxious. I posted on some FB groups for local Baltimore musicians hoping I can get some more professional musicians to pull some weight. 🤞

Time to pack up the truck and head off to the jam, from which I will leave for D.C., where my aunt and uncle are waiting for me. 🙏

8:29 p.m.

The Jam!

Gosh that was actually amazing. It was kinda like playing a show! There was a violin, mandolin, a bunch of singers, another couple guitarists, and a drummer. And it was joyous as all get out.

I could not be more grateful to live the life I live. I’m so lucky.


Nope. But I was fed a fantastic meal at my aunt and uncle’s house in DC.

Then my uncle insisted that we go to the hardware store and do some work on my truck. So we did, and then we did.

My uncle helped me put some dividers on one of the drawers on my truck and outfitted the boxes on top of my truck with chains and locks so that I can feel a little more comfortable slowing down and walking away from my truck.

I’m extremely grateful.

Then I found my aunt’s new ukulele practice area. She picked it up in the last few months and she’s whooping ass. I played a couple tunes with her, and then sat down to write this blog post.

My aunt got me some cookies, so I’m gonna go eat them.

Love you bye bye! ❤️

Serenade Openings

  • Washington DC
    • June 6th, 3-6p
    • June 7th, 11a-5p
  • Asheville
    • June 10th, 3 openings until 7 p.m.
  • Jackson, MS
    • Times TBA - two openings
  • Austin, TX
    • Times TBA - one opening
  • Phoenix, Tucson
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Albuquerque
    • Times TBA - two openings
  • Las Vegas
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Los Angeles
    • Times TBA - Late June/early July
    • I’m gonna be here a couple weeks so: LOTS of openings!
  • LA to Seattle
    • The month of July! I’ll be stopping all up and down the coast. REACH OUT TODAY!
  • Denver/Boulder
    • Early August
  • Chicago
    • Mid-August
  • Pittsburgh
    • Late August
  • Philly
  • Florida
    • Late fall/winter/early spring 2021-2022!
    • Should be open to conventional gigs by then! Reach out Gainesville!! ❤️

Talk soon! ❤️

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