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Dot's First Post

In which Dot gets their bearings. Sea legs?

Setting the stage for an epic tale. Follow Dot on their imminently legendary journeys, and as they do breathtakingly quotidian stuff.

This is it dearies. Fasten your seatbelts. Prepare to stay tuned. Brace yourself for the emotional reactions which will wrest you from your well-laid plans. Prepare to be grateful, moved, inconsolable, even!

I’m not quite sure where to start…


If you don’t know, I’ve been playing music for quarantining people outside of their homes. It’s a service I offer where people send me to their loved ones with special song requests. I got a bunch of publicity for that on TV and in print. It’s been wild.

I’ll be traveling around the south delivering this service to southerners for part of the winter as I make my way to LA where I’ll continue this pastime until the end of the winter.

I’ll be using this blog to record my travels and the like. I hope to be able to keep it updated with maps, performances, pics, camping recipes, selfies, life hacks, death hacks, and more things that I haven’t thought of.

Random Path
Random Path


I’ve been really enjoying (as is my wont) the technology which facilitates my work. Here is some stuff that’s been making me happy:

Tasker on my phone

Tasker is a tool that lets me automate stuff on my phone. I use it in conjunction with a few other tools. Some by the same developer as Tasker, and some other ones.

The main thing I do with these tools is have my phone check for serenades when I get in my car. This is some future-ass shit.

When I get in my car (detected by bluetooth connection) my phone checks my serenade calendar. If I have a serenade within two hours then my phone parses the event and says to me “Let’s play (such and such songs) for (name of recipient) at (address of serenade)!”. It also sets the name and number of my client so that I can tell my phone to call or text them with my voice. And I love that I can say “Take me to my next serenade!” and then GPS opens and navigation begins! This is massively useful when I’m running between serenades and its unsafe to use my phone while driving.


Termux on my phone

This has been cool as heck. Here I can use a terminal on my phone like I do on my computer. And I can sign into my computer and check notes and other things! I love the terminal, and I love termux.

When I’m on the road soon I’ll be using (neo)vim on termux to make all the posts to this blog, which I presently have set up with…

Important Termux Usage
Important Termux Usage

Hugo, Github, and Netlify!

This is great. So I make the site on my computer, sync it to github, and netlify updates and publishes it!

I’m writing in markdown in neovim, and it’s a total treat.

When I’m on the road I’ll be having workflows to include pictures and videos. All from my phone! At least that’s the plan. That’s why I’m starting working with this now! So I have that all figured out when it’s time to get moving!

Terminal, tmux, neovim screencap
Terminal, tmux, neovim screencap

Well that’s what I know. What do you know?


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