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Day 1 of 90

Setting Off On A Circumnavigation

The banner for today’s post is a picture which my inimitable, beloved host took surreptitiously with my phone today. Thank you Hayley and Sean (unpictured) for ten amazing days in Philly.

This is it. After three months waylaid in Florida and ten days in Philly, I am finally off on ninety uninterrupted days of adventure around the country.

Hayley says goodbye and I drive off for scenery unknown.

I left Philly for Baltimore around 2 p.m. and landed in Baltimore around 6:15 p.m. Mostly uneventful, but I did hit a heavy thunderstorm in the last twenty minutes. I also arrived to a very cicada-ful Baltimore.

I ate dinner at the house of my wonderful hosts-for-the-next couple-days, who I had previously only known on Zoom at morning services at synagogue. They were 3D, and that was amazing after so much quarantine. They were also just amazing. And still are!

I set up a practice area in their basement, and apparently it was audible throughout their whole house, but they were extremely gracious considering.

I’m exhausted. Goodnight!

Serenade Openings

  • Washington DC
    • June 6th, 11a-12p
    • June 6th, 3-6p
    • June 7th, 11a-5p
  • Asheville
    • June 10th, 3 openings until 7 p.m.
  • Knoxville
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Jackson, MS
    • Times TBA - two openings
  • Austin, TX
    • Times TBA - one opening
  • Phoenix, Tucson
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Albuquerque
    • Times TBA - two openings
  • Las Vegas
    • Times TBA - four openings
  • Los Angeles
    • Times TBA - Late June/early July
    • I’m gonna be here a couple weeks so: LOTS of openings!
  • LA to Seattle
    • The month of July! I’ll be stopping all up and down the coast. REACH OUT TODAY!
  • Denver/Boulder
    • Early August
  • Chicago
    • Mid-August
  • Pittsburgh
    • Late August
  • Philly
  • Florida
    • Late fall/winter/early spring 2021-2022!
    • Should be open to conventional gigs by then! Reach out Gainesville!! ❤️

Talk soon! ❤️

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