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Last Day In LA

Day 28 of 90: Little Update

Thanks For Your Patience

So I’ve had a lot going on. I haven’t had the energy to update this. Sorry about that. ❤️

When I’m not working my tokhes off, I’m making a concerted effort to rest. And my rest-endeavor has been relatively unsuccessful.

My voice is tired and my neck is tired and my arms are tired, but I’m working hard to pace myself so that I can keep moving and keep serenading.

These Stories Will Be Told

LA has been crazy. This whole trip has been an exercise in digesting new experiences and perspectives. And LA gaveth the exercise. More on that later.

I have been taking video of many of my serenades, and you will get to meet many of those characters when this is all over (in addition to the wild characters that I’ve met while not serenading). I have a lot of unfinished blog posts which deserve focused editing, as they are really great stories.

I’m learning how to tell these stories well, so thanks for your patience.

Unless you’re a TV producer or a writer who wants to tell my stories, in which case: Thank you for reaching out!

Nearly Done in LA

I’m gonna miss this place. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that LA has tempted me with its allure of fame and fortune.

I wanna live in Malibu.

But that’s probably pretty silly.

But let’s see how business goes. 😉

I can’t believe I’m setting off for the second half of my journey tomorrow. So much has happened, and who knows what will happen next. Gosh.

Send me to your loved ones on the last two legs of my trip!

Serenade Openings 👏

Bay Area

  • This Coming Week!


  • Second week of July


  • Third week of July


  • Early August

St. Louis?

  • Might hit that!


  • Second week of August!


  • Hit me up!


  • Gosh, I can’t wait.
  • Late August

If you didn’t know, these times are relatively loose so that I may accommodate you! If you’re wondering about times, your best bet is to reach out today!

Talk soon!

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