Featured image of post Sleeping In A Truck

Sleeping In A Truck

Day 8 of 90: And Owning A Truck

The banner for today is a screenshot of the file which created today’s post! There’s nothing terribly remarkable about it. But I do love working with files like this in my beloved text editor.

The Struggles Of Finding A Place To Sleep 😴

(In Rural Virginia)

Virginia License Plate - Sleeping Insights - Upcoming Schedule - Freaking Scenery

By “go to sleep in the dark” I mean “finding your sleeping location in the dark”. I have since found a place to sleep in Austin!

Amazing Virginia Scenery

While Listening To Transfusion by Nervous Norvous

“Barnyard drivers are found in two classes: blind, crowding hogs, and speeding jackasses. So remember to slow down today!”

Alarming Bank Account Discovery

Detectably Discouraged – Unable to Park

Grappling With Finances and Self-Worth

I did busk after this. To little effect. And though it went largely undocumented, I did benefit from a bit of generosity and a LOT of business. All of which was already under way, but not confirmed. Phew! I narrowly avoided destitution today, but let’s see what happens tomorrow! 💅

Serenade Openings 🎉

I've got openings in Asheville until Sunday, and openings in Austin, TX on Wednesday and Thursday! Then I'm available all the way up the West Coast, from Los Angeles to Seattle!

Talk soon! ❤️

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